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From our agency you can send and receive cash, easily and swiftly, using the reliable money transfer system of Western Union. 

Western Union is an international electronic payments system with same day delivery in cash. The transaction is done directly to the recipient, who can receive it throughout any Western Union agency.

How to send cash:

Please present to us, the associate of Western Union  your ID, the amount you wish to send and the transaction fee.

Your transaction will be transmitted through the electronic system of Western Union. Our associate will give you the receipt of the transaction, including the Money Transfer Control Number ( MTCN ). Please, inform the recipient about the transaction details that are required to receive the amount.

How to receive cash:

Please inform us about the detail of the country and the full name of the recipient, the expected amount and the MTCN.

Please hand us your ID.

We will then hand you the receipt and the amount.


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